Company Profile

Who we are

Despite being categorized as a small business, we believe that all giants began as infants. We assist our clients with valuable and much more affordable to every individual, through taking them from learner’s license to driver’s license at a low cost.

MASIZA DRIVING SCHOOL was founded in 2009 and then incorporated as a subsidiary into Fox International Group in 2018 and Trading as Masiza Driving School. Although the business operates in Gauteng province, we intend on opening branches nationally as our strategic priority and concrete plans are on the table for opening more branches.

The business acknowledges the fact that it has an obligation to play a key role in job creation and poverty alleviation. The focus of the business has always been to maximize the competitive advantage of our clients by delivering cost-effective and value-adding services.

About us

Masiza driving school was opened in 2009. Our accardemy has more than 10 years of experience and we are proud to say we are growing and we are the last to let you down.

Our mission

To facilitate meaningful development and opportunities to previously disadvantaged individuals especially youth by makingdriving posibleto every person in South Africa

our values

Our corporation maintains the following values as being of paramount important to achieve our: Honesty and accountability, Responsibility and transparent, Integrity, Respect and sincerity


Mongezi Nkomo is the founder member of the company. He comes into the company with a wealth of experience gained over many years in the industry.

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